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Spiral duct, ever since its entry into the market, due to its excellent performance and low selling prices, it has been promoted well in the application of ventilation and air conditioning system. At present, most of the products are widely used in coal mine, shipbuilding, ventilation, purification, bridges, dust removal, airport, tunnel construction industry. After years of research, with introducing advanced science and technology development, our spiral duct has reached domestic advanced level. The coiler diameter is 80-1500mm and the process thickness is 0.4-1.2mm. We own several duct production lines.
Our company is the earliest professional manufacturer in R & D, manufacturing spiral duct machine. Our company developed the spiral duct machine with two types: strip type spiral duct machine and tube model spiral duct machine. The diameter range can be processed is Ф80-1600mm. It has the features of small wind resistance, high strength,good sealing performance, fast conversion diameter, high production efficiency,stable performance and large wind tube length range etc. It’s very suitable for wind pipe making environmental protection system engineering. Our duct machine own the leading position in the same filed.

1. Ventilation system: fresh air supply and exhaust, the harmful gas discharged to the outdoor, the fresh outdoor air to indoor. Ingerneral, the ventilation system of flow is very big, ghe air pipeline thefore requires the use of small resistance, in order to save cost and operating cost of spiral wind pipe is the most suitable. THe use of galvanized iron general, crrosive and places especially wet used stainless steel tube.
2. Air condition system: spiral wind pipe can be attached insulating material inside and has beautiful appearance.
3. Exhaust system: hotels, restaurants, hotel kitchen has a lot fo fume, needs to be discharged, the spiral duct is appropriate, good strength, economical and practical.
4. Dust removal system: the collection and transportation of dust removing device, can use spiral duct.
5. For conveying bulk material: pneumatic conveying system, some of the more thin loose material particles, can use spiral wind pipe which with low cost and good effect.

Model SDJL-1500
Tub forming diameter (mm) Ф80-Ф1500
Maximum tube length (mm) 100-8000
Plate thickness (mm) 0.4-1.2
Plate width (mm) 137mm
Process speed (/min) 1-38
Dimensions (L*W*H) (mm) 2600x2200x2050
Weight (kg) 2260
Electric control system Computer PLC control
Main Motor Power (kw) 5.5
Cutting Power (kw) 4
Hydraulic Power 0.4-0.8kmp



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