Rectangular Duct Making Machine

laser cutting machine

  • Model No.: TFSK-T1845
  • Product Size: Cutting area 1500*4000
  • Net Weight:
  • Product Power:
  • Product Material:

1. Adopt acclaimed numerical control cutting control system which is powerful and easy to operate.
2. A unique cutting torch raised device, avoiding the phenomenon of cutting nozzle and plate contact glue board, rolling friction to make running more smoothly, greatly improve the cutting speed.
3. Be 100% compatible with CAM-DUCT, Lintec and Jin Lin sheet metal Duct software. It uses duct development software automatically generated drawings, export processing and application. Operators need to do is to select the software required for duct style, input the required size, and export processing procedures for cutting, not only convenient and quick, but also accurate and practical.

Model TFSK-T1845
Cutting way plasma(arc)cutting
Cutting voltage 380+10%VAC 50HZ
Effective cutting range (W*L)mm 1500x4000
The maximum speed mm/min ≧12000
The cutting thickness (plasma) mm Depends on plasma power
The control mode The special CNC system, U disk transmission
The transmission way Gear wheel and rack, cylindrical linear guide rail
The height adjusting method Pneumatic height regulating



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