Rectangular Duct Making Machine

TDF flange forming Machine

  • Model No.: T-12
  • Product Size: 2900*700*1100MM
  • Net Weight: 1000kG
  • Product Power: 2.2KW
  • Product Material: Galvanized sheet

Our company’s TDF machine is the special equipment to process various kinds of square and rectangular ventilation pipelines. It has strong function and can satisfy the bone shape connecting in wind pipe manufacturing.  It has models of T-12 and T-15. The processing thickness: 0.5-1.2mm; 0.8-1.5mm. All the axes and clamping rollers on this machine are manufactured by high quality steel and advanced industrial heat treatment technology which will greatly increase the wear resistance life of the parts.
1. This machine is main equipment for TDF flange forming, especially for large-scale, standardized and automatic production.
2. Both flanges and L-shaped clamp can be produced synchronously.
3. Material feed automatically while sheets processed.
4. All rollers and bearings adopt excellent steel processed by advanced heat treatment technology (quenching), which enhances wear-resistance for the machine.
5. 14 Groups of rollers form a stable and beautiful shape.
6. Pressure bearings are being used to avoid the side wear.

Model Power Plate thicness (mm) Shape Size (mm) Weight (kg) Dimension (mm)
T-12 2.2 0.5~1.2 32+-0.5 1000 2900*700*1100
T-15 4 0.8~1.5 32+-0.5 1200 2900*700*1100
Optional Corner Mould
Model Name Capacity (mm) asize (mm) Sample
T-10DC Duct corner 1.0 a=95
T-15DC Duct corner 1.2 a=95
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